How to find a nanny?

How to find a nanny?

How to find a nanny?

Being a parent means being confronted one day with looking for someone you trust to keep your child or children. But how to find the rare pearl? How to choose? We will enlighten you to help you find a nanny at the top.
The quest for the perfect nanny can quickly turn into a real galley. To come out victorious from this obstacle course follow the guide.

What is a nanny?

A nanny is a person who will take care of children regularly, unlike a babysitter who will intervene punctually for a party, for example. However, your nanny can also babysitter.

Within nannies, there are two main categories.

• The childminder who keeps children at home. It has an approval issued by the prefecture. She keeps up to four children full time.
• The nanny at home. Most often, she picks up the children at school or nursery, takes them back to the parents’ house and takes care of them until they get home from work. This is called extracurricular attention. The majority are students or retirees.

Where to find nannies?

If you are looking for a maternal assistant, start by asking your Town Hall. There you will find the list of authorized around your place of residence. You can also consult the PMI near your home.

Good advice: do not hesitate to consult other parents. Indeed word of mouth remains a perfect way to find the ideal maternal assistant. You can also ask your pediatrician. Indeed he knows most of the maternal assistance of the city.

In case it is a home nanny you are looking for, it is on the internet that you will have the best chances. Indeed the nannies available to pick up your children at the nursery or school being mostly female students, they use digital channels to publish their ads and consult those of parents.

When to choose a nanny?

It all depends on whether you are looking for a maternal assistant or a nanny at home. The maternal assistant knows her schedule well in advance. It must, therefore, be done several months upstream. For home childminders, it’s the opposite. The students do not know their schedules until August or September. That’s when they are available.

What to ask during the job interview?

Start with a telephone interview to make the first sort. Ask the usual questions and make a note of the answers because when you go to the next step, you will not necessarily remember everyone.

Essential questions: availability, experience, the flexibility of schedules, distance from your home, knowledge of security (ask him what are the emergency numbers, what to do in case of fever), etc … Also, specify your expectations. Make a sort of job description and talk to the person who may be your future nanny.

At the end of this first contact, you will have the first opinion. If it’s negative, do not go further. If not, it is imperative to meet her physically.

During this second stage, you will be able to present it to your child. It’s still him who will spend the most time with her! You will see if the current goes well between them.

If your child under three years of age the home nanny must be a graduate in early childhood or have a minimum of 3 years experience. Do not hesitate to contact his previous employers to validate it.

Once your choice made, comes the moment to validate all the terms of custody. Write a contract that will avoid any future problem. Models are easily found on the internet.

How much to pay your nanny?

On the contract you spend with your nanny must figure out his salary.

For short, the minimum is about $ 10 gross per hour or about 7.68 $ net. This salary varies according to the region, the skills and the number of children to keep. The salary will be the result of a discussion with her. Ask about the amount other parents pay; this can be a good indicator.