How to learn about fishing?

How to learn about fishing?

How to learn about fishing?

Among the outdoor activities, fishing is one of the most relaxing and fun to learn. But make no mistake: it is not necessarily as simple and quiet as it looks when you start. The idea is to start by finding the type of fishing that suits you best. Here are some tips to achieve this!

Peach fishing

We start with catch fishing because it is the classic fishing style par excellence, often the one we think first. This is the most common and oldest fishing technique: a simple hook connected to a cane, while you wait for it to bite. This is fishing that requires little equipment, but still requires a minimum of concentration despite its simplicity: indeed, you will have to be on the lookout for the movements of the cap to identify the arrival of your prey. An ideal technique to discover the discipline.

Lure fishing 

This is a very sporty and intensive fishing style than the previous one. Lure fishing is indeed more physical and is closer to hunting activity. The idea here is not to wait for it to bite but to track down the fish yourself: equipped with a cane to throw and a reserve of lures, that is to say, to open the eye to identify the most suitable places to fish for fish and analyze the behavior of the fish to hope to ferret it. A technique that will delight those who want to wake up their hunting instinct!

The fishing posed 

The fishery posed has many similarities with the fishing coup but differs in a few points. This type of fishing uses a rod equipped with a reel and a bait. You will have to be very patient and think about the material. This type of fishing is perfect for people who love activities requiring skill and patience. This fishing technique is used most often for carp fishing in freshwater. Many enthusiasts, like the author of this blog, have made their specialty.

Fly fishing

Quite complex in its handling, fly fishing is a reasonably technical fishing method. First of all, it requires good knowledge because it requires a specific skill to mount your fly, that is to say, the insect used to attract fish. It is a new fishing style but needs to exchange with experts and much to learn to know all the tricks.

If you want to go fishing, you are spoiled for choice. Everything is a question of feeling: do not hesitate to test different methods to find the one that suits you best. The four techniques presented in this article are just a glimpse: you can also choose between fishing in freshwater and sea fishing, or specialize in a specific type of fish as carp anglers do.