Reviews about Cha Yuan tea

Reviews about Cha Yuan tea

Reviews about Cha Yuan tea

Some prestigious tea brands now share the French market. Cha Yuan is among them a house that stands out for its desire for authenticity, quality, and a fair trade approach to this precious little leaf. Little focus for fun …

I discovered Cha Yuan in the 2000s in Lyon, and I immediately liked this shop where I often returned. A haven of peace, muffled, a warm welcome in an atmosphere with warm colors … The advice was wise and pleasant, and I continued over time to maintain my loyalty to this brand that made me discover many teas scented and some of my favorite mixtures, with evocative names: Forbidden City, Flight of flowers, Quiet heart, Waiting for the rain …

The tea at the origin

Cha Yuan is a private house, founded in Lyon by Nadia Bécaud who opened her first store in 1990. Nadia Bécaud wanted to go directly to the countries of origin to select the best leaves in the gardens. Moreover, to return to the name of the brand, Cha means tea, and Yuan the garden (sinogram which, written differently, means the origin).

Since then, and of the more than 250 Cha Yuan teas on offer, a large part has received a certificate of organic farming from the Swiss organization IMO. Teas from China, India, Ceylon, and Japan are therefore offered direct import. This also makes it possible to express a form of fair trade, through the fair remuneration of producers, the refusal to exploit children, and the concern for the preservation of the environment.

To make the public discover the right tea culture, the Tea Association was created in 1998, and in 2004, the Tea Institute. With her experience and involvement, Nadia Bécaud herself offers to discover all this universe through conferences, tastings, courses of knowledge and practice, training and ceremonies of the art of tea …

Recall that since ancient China, the tea house fulfills an inseparable social function of daily life. It is this place of meeting and conviviality that Cha Yuan perpetuates through its concept: on the one hand a place of purchase, on the other hand, a place of tasting (we show you the art of the preparation of the teas in the rules of art!) and dating. It’s discovering a beverage, but also a whole culture and lifestyle.

Where to get Cha Yuan tea?

So I tell you to discover Cha Yuan tea. The Cha Yuan stores are located in Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Valence, Reims and Brussels in Belgium (for the Lyonnais: the shop is located in the 2nd district, 7/9 rue des Remparts Ainay – Monday from 14h to 19h, Tuesday to Saturday from 10h to 19h – 04 72 41 04 60 for information on conferences …). The teas are also available by mail order on the Cha Yuan website (where we also find a lot of information on the origins of the drink, the different types of fermentation, its use, etc.).

A few words about tea and its benefits

Tea and its culture were born in China, flourished in Asia, and spread to the rest of the world. Tuareg in the desert, babushka on the way from Irkutsk to Minsk, a trader from the City to the Five o’clock, … the whole world got together for a cup of tea. Its timeless character, its undeniable virtues, allow it to adapt to our time fully. The world’s largest producer is now China (28%), followed by India (24%), Sri Lanka and Kenya (8%).

All teas come from the same shrub, Camellia Sinensis. This is the manufacturing method applied after picking, which will give different drinks. The official classification is as follows:

  • White tea: unfermented
  • Yellow tea: slightly fermented
  • Green tea: unfermented
  • Wulong tea or blue-green: partial fermentation
  • Red tea (black for westerners): complete fermentation
  • Black tea (Pu’er): post fermentation

The effects of tea

Nothing is easier to find, and a few drinks are cheaper than tea! With its very simple preparation, it accompanies us daily with its virtues guaranteed without side effects. Its properties are suitable for all ages. It contains many vitamins: A, group B, C (in green tea), mineral salts: fluoride, potassium …
It has antioxidant properties by the action of flavonoids. Catechin, a molecule present in tea, fights against free radicals and thus slows down the aging process (green tea, Wulong tea).

Note that tea is not as exciting as Western medicine has long presented! According to the tea families, the scale of the effects ranges from stimulating effects by theine (black tea) to the relaxing impacts (Wulong tea and white tea). There are also applications of tea in the fields of cosmetology, fitness, internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, dermatology, etc.

The main properties of teas

Although all teas are diuretic, it is Wulong tea that is most effective for elimination. Tea stimulates the cardiac and circulatory system, digestion, liver function; it improves eyesight and promotes the removal of cholesterol. Its regular consumption protects against cardiovascular and cerebral diseases.