What are the advantages of stainless jewelry?

What are the advantages of stainless jewelry?

What are the advantages of stainless jewelry?

Do you wear jewelry regularly, but sometimes you are disappointed with their quality? Discover stainless steel, a great material for your jewelry, simple to maintain and very solid, to name only these main benefits.

Stainless steel: presentation

Stainless steel, also known as stainless steel, is a metal generally composed of iron, carbon, chromium, and nickel. There is a multitude of references for stainless steel and each has its own chemical composition. For example, surgical steel (316L) does not include nickel to avoid any risk of allergies. Depending on the range of jewelry, the manufacturer will use a certain type of steel, to meet more or less high requirements, they may refer to the resistance. Thus, for a low-end jewel, the maker will choose a reference at a low price, which does not offer as much resistance as a more expensive reference.

Stainless steel is as well used in jewelry as in watchmaking. The first jewels made in this steel date back to 1847 as the Wikipedia detail! Already at that time, women liked this type of jewelry. However, it will take nine years to obtain more affordable jewelry and this thanks to the Bessemer process. This one was invented by Henry Bessemer, industrialist and metallurgist, in England. With this method, it becomes easier to get steel from cast iron, so steel becomes less expensive.

The followers of stainless steel

Today, stainless steel jewelry is a big fan, whether for earrings, necklaces, and pendants, watches, bracelets, rings or even piercings. This material is suitable for both men and women.

Since the 19th century, the forms of jewelry evolve according to fashion. For women, one is as well on fine jewelry as on massive jewels. They can take many forms, from small animals for the youngest, to more geometric shapes, more classic for the older ones and thus allows to integrate with each style of dress. We can imagine a little girl with a horse-shaped pendant, her favorite animal and why not her mother, with ring-shaped earrings.

Sideman, one is in a mode more biker, where virility seems to prevail. The jewels are usually thicker. Like women, they can represent any symbol. Men generally like to opt for stainless steel for their bracelet or curb bracelet.

You can also have an original jewel by incorporating new material. You can mix stainless steel with leather, ceramics, etc. One could, for example, offer a man a stainless steel bracelet, containing black Agate beads. The effect is assured!

All the advantages of stainless steel

Stainless steel jewelry is trendy today because it has many advantages.


If you want to acquire a rather solid jewel, stainless steel is what you need. It is a hard metal that does not oxidize or deform. He will always keep his original form. It, therefore, offers great resistance over time.

A wide range of colors

Stainless steel is not limited to silver gray, fortunately for our jewelry! We have access to a wide range of colors, from azure blue to garnet red to golden yellow. You can also play on textures to get effects, like aged steel and why not a pink steel necklace?

The colors easily fit in time, despite all the risks of deterioration related to everyday life, such as perspiration, household products or cosmetics. Your jewels will keep their original color, but also their brilliance. They reflect the sun very well. You can wear them absolutely everywhere, they do not rust. So no worries if you keep them during your shower or during your beach vacation this summer.

Hypoallergenic properties.

As mentioned earlier, surgical steel 316L is hypoallergenic. Allergic reactions occurring on the skin are very rare. This is a great asset if you are regularly subject to this type of problem. You can offer it to the youngest without any risk.

An ultra malleable metal

Fashion side, as a reminder, stainless steel can take any shape. So you can let your imagination thinge to get a unique creation. It can also be engraved, the ideal if you want to slip a sweet little word to the attention of your dear and tender for Valentine’s Day, or for your mother for Mother’s Day. You can opt for a small golden steel bracelet, with a small engraved charm. It’s always nice!

Unbeatable value for money

Finally, an advantage and not least is its excellent price/quality ratio. With all the assets mentioned in this part, you realize that it is a metal with very good properties. If you compare it with other metals such as gold and silver, you immediately see this value for money very advantageous. These jewels are accessible to all budgets, so you can afford some follies! You just have to spoil yourself!

How to maintain my stainless steel jewelry?

Another advantage of jewelry made of stainless steel lies in their maintenance. This one is very easy. If you just want to clean it, you can very well use soapy water, with a soft cloth.

If your jewel has stains, you can opt for baking soda diluted in a little hot water.

If you want to act on the brilliance of your jewel, you can dip it in warm white vinegar.

Be careful, if your stainless steel jewelry is mixed with other metals or stones, find out beforehand about the maintenance of these materials, to avoid the risk of altering them.

As you can see, stainless steel is a real ally for your jewelry. Great strength, combining fantasy and resistance, good value for money. Do not hesitate to test!