What are the different types of leisure?

What are the different types of leisure?

What are the different types of leisure?

Hobbies consist of activities practiced during free time, which free the mind from the usual occupations such as employment, child rearing, domestic activities, etc. It can be sports, creative activities such as drawing or music, cultural activities, etc. In family or an individual, accompanied by animation or in autonomous mode, opportunities do not fail to develop one’s passions and indulge in one’s favorite pastimes.

Sports and leisure

Practice a sport regularly, go climbing in the mountains, participate in a rally, go skateboarding, discover an undergrowth mountain bike, go jogging, become a skipper on a sailboat, go with friends on a hunting or fishing weekend, or to conquer its limits by practicing a sensational sport such as skydiving or rafting: there is a thousand and one way to combine sports and leisure.

The benefits of the activities are innumerable. Sports bring unsuspected benefits, such as making everyday life more comfortable, protecting against chronic diseases, improving sleep quality, fighting stress, and so on.

Leisure and relaxation

The public profile personalities will enjoy their leisure, join a theater troupe, disguise themselves with children, or dance and have fun at night.

Others will prefer to frolic in a park in good company, to have fun in water games or a wave pool, or to have fun in libraries at low cost by reading comics and novels, gardening, caring for animals, or playing strategy games, checkers and chess.

Creative hobbies

Make pottery, jewelry, decorative items, build a fantastic racing model, write captivating poems and stories, paint an enchanting landscape, highlight her memories in a series of beautiful scrapbooking albums: you’ll find a crowd creative hobby ideas in boutiques and art stores.

Just give free rein to his imagination to spend pleasant hours to create. Bringing creativity to life is right for your health! This helps to push the boundaries of diseases (including mental), improve well-being, in addition to arming high doses of good mood.


Guitar in the hands or violin perched on the shoulder, all your senses will be solicited more than usual! Even your brain will intervene in an increased and unusual way. To sing in a choir or practice a musical instrument such as violin or flute, check with music schools and community centers in your area to discover the artistic practices that inspire you.

Music contributes to reducing anxiety, improving self-esteem, and providing a tremendous sense of control over one’s life. Children who grow up playing a musical instrument develop their concentration and compose better with the discipline.